Do Accountants Need To Learn Programming?

The pace at which technology is moving has made it unreasonable for an accountant not to learn to program. Accountants face different problems ranging from large volumes of data down to analysis problems.

An accountant needs to know coding to maintain a smooth working experience. As a result of this, CPA Corpus Christi is so keen on helping accountants learn the art of programming.

The advent of artificial intelligence has made all employers put preference on accountants with programming skills. Accounting now requires more than spreadsheet knowledge. There are computer programs that are more effective and efficient in accounting. As such, a professional accountant must strive to equip himself with programming skills.

What are the Benefits of Programming in Accounting?

Making use of programming in your accounting job has a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits include the following;

  • Increase in Accounting Effectiveness and Efficiency

Learning how to code and applying it in your accounting job can increase the effectiveness of your result. Accountants must ensure they maintain a zero level of error in their careers. Therefore, making use of computer programs can drastically reduce the number of mistakes committed in accounting jobs.

Not only that, computer programs can reduce the time of operation. Computer programs require less human effort. As such, the time used for execution is small compared to without programming.

  • Ability to Work Remotely

Coding offers you the chance to create programs that can carry out operations with little or no effort from you. You can create software that can make a balance sheet by only inserting the needed data.

It is helpful, especially when there are a lot of tasks to be done. Other functions, like the creation of reports and documentation, can also be done by programming software.

  • Makes Documentation Easy And Accessible

Documentation is an essential aspect of an accounting job. Making use of computer programs can aid easy documentation of information. It also helps discourage data or information loss even over a long period. Coding and computer programs can allow you to keep multiple records without having to worry about space.

You can retrieve documents with less stress. Unlike traditional record-keeping, computer programs can easily retrieve a record of 10 years in seconds. This feature shows how vital a computer program is to an accountant.

  • Makes You Relevant in your Industry

The industrial revolution has ensured that anybody without adequate knowledge of ICT is irrelevant. The field of accounting is not an exception in this reality. There is a need for you to develop coding skills to remain relevant and respected in accounting.

Using excel and spreadsheets is undoubtedly not enough. Therefore, there is a need to equip yourself with the latest accounting software and tools.

What Programming Language Should An Accountant Learn?

Do Accountants Need To Learn Programming

The computer program is a broad one with a lot of aspects. Therefore, as an accountant, you can only equip yourself with the needed software. The following are prominent computer programming languages accountants should learn;

  • Structural Query Language (SQL)

This programming language is useful in database and data analysis. Making use of SQL in accounting can significantly improve your record keeping. You can also use it for auditing and data comparison.

  • Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL)

COBOL is a programming language that is effective in the banking sector. COBOL is useful for data automation and analysis. As an accountant, learning COBOL can be an added advantage in your job.

  • Visual Basic (VB)

One of the significant tasks of accountants is automation and manipulations of figures. An acceptable programming language for this is visual basic. It can also perform macro tasks as in spreadsheets.

  • Python Programming Language

Python is an easy to use programming language that can help you with analysis tasks.  Data and number analysis can be carried out effectively through the use of Python.

Data manipulations and some other spreadsheet operations can also be carried out effectively using Python. You can do the operation in sequence and loop by making use of python programming language.


Accounting job has to do with many tasks, which makes it a necessity to learn to code, especially in this age of industrial revolution and artificial intelligence. One way to prove your competence is by having adequate knowledge of computer programming. Learning computer programs can enhance your effectiveness and efficiency as an accountant.