C Programming Language

Arithmetic operators

                  The Arithmetic operators perform Arithmetic operations . The arithmetic operators can operate on any built in data types. A list of arithmetic operator and their meaning are given below.

  Operator     Meaning  
  +     Addition or Unary plus  
  -     Subtraction or Unary minus  
  *     Multiplication  
  /     Division  
  %     Modulo Division  

This table shows the symbols of arithmetic, together with their duties. These operators allow you to write expressions whose evaluation is precisely the treatment of information that made the computer. Arithmetic operators, along with a wide range of features resident in the library of the language used make it possible to perform calculations of all kinds.

                 Suppose that a and b are integer variables whose values are 100 and 4, respectively. Several arithmetic expressions involving these variables are shown below, together with their resulting values.

  Expression     Value  
  a + b     104  
  a - b     96  
  a * b     400  
  a / b     25  
  a % b     0  
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